Day Two: Holy Expensive Batman!

Why does trying to be healthy have to cost so much? Wow! I spent so much more at the grocery store than I usually do! But I’m not going to let that slow me down. Just have to be more aware of what I’m throwing in the cart and look for what is actually on sale.

So today really started the experimental process. Thanks to some awesome pinterest ideas, and some tweaking to match my liking, I have already come up with some staples that I feel really good about.


photo 1 (4)

I have come to the realization that I just do not like sandwiches. I have tried different meats, different breads, anything to make it something exciting. But, I just wasn’t into it. When I was younger, my mom used to pack cold cuts rolled up for me. So I figured I could go back to something like that. To make it a little more exciting, I rolled in some spinach and sprinkled on some salt. Pair that with a golden delicious apple and a colby jack reduced fat cheese, and you have a quick, easy, filling lunch. If I were to pack this for work or school, I would probably add in some almonds or wheat crackers or something like that, just to make it a little bit more substantial, so that I stay fuller longer.

Snack time:

photo 2 (4)

These little morsels are sinfully scrumptious, except without the sin! Thanks to Erin Chase, the $5 Dinner Mom, I now have a special treat to curb that sweet tooth, without feeling incredibly terrible about eating a whole sleeve of cookies. I actually only had one, and that was more than enough! They are rich and decadent, and chock full of protein to keep you going through that afternoon slump. I just popped the rest in the freezer, and am hoping they will last me a couple weeks. The recipe was super easy and fast.


photo 3 (2)

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am all about fast and easy meals. I usually get hungry really quickly, and hate having to wait around for something to cook. That is why I love rotisserie chicken! I just heated up some chicken, and then tossed a quick salad with romaine, spinach, and broccoli. Top it off with ranch, and viola!

I think to top off my evening, I gonna have a stretch block before the Walking Dead comes on!

See you tomorrow!


Day One: New Horizons

Ok, so I think that the biggest disclaimer¬†that I need to set for myself in this journey is that this is not a diet. I’m not stripping myself of all the “bad things” that are out there. I am simply just trying to make a more conscious effort in choosing options that are better for me more often. And I don’t want this to turn into just a log of all that I ate and then scolding myself for the poor choices. Where’s the fun in that?

With that being said, I think that today, being my first day, went very well. I have realized that I need to get some supplies to really make this possible. I have searched Pinterest for a variety of ideas for meals and snacks that I will actually eat (I am extremely picky!) and have made a grocery list of items that I will pick up tomorrow for the next week.

However, with my limited supplies, I still think that today was a great start! I still managed to make smart and healthy choices with what I had, and I feel very good about these choices.

I also realized that in order to have a fresh start, I need to have a positive environment. Which, for me, means a clean room. I am TERRIBLE at keeping my room clean, but it’s just because I get lazy. But since it is something that makes me happy, I am going to work at keeping it clean.

Moving forward, I think some of the ideas that I want to explore include:

  • hot cereal mixes for breakfast
  • incorporating avocado into my lunches
  • trying to expand my palette (tuna, anyone?)
  • talking more walks
  • zumba!
  • no bake protein desserts (I really need some sweets!)

Until tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to post…

Here’s to a new start…

Happy birthday to me! Or at least it will be in 11 days. I will be turning 25 years old. You know, that point when it really hits that you are an adult, on the cusp of beginning the true adventures of life. And for me, that is terrifying.

photo (4)

I want to start out by telling a little bit about myself. I am a Connecticut girl, born and raised. I currently go to school in Pennsylvania to become a doctor of audiology. I have a wonderful long-distance boyfriend of four years, who I will hopefully be finally living with starting this summer. *fingers crossed* It might seem like I’m someone who has their life on track and knows exactly what she wants, and for the most part I am. But I also feel as though there are some things that I have lost within myself along this path of life that I have chosen.

I used to be very active, with dance and color guard filling my world. But lately, I have been struggling to find ways to keep myself active. I’ve realized myself getting into the habit of making unhealthy eating choices, and not doing anything about it when I would look in the mirror and not like what I saw.

But, all of that is about to change. I have decided that for this years birthday, I am giving myself a birthday present that will truly make me a better person for myself. For at least the month of “Sweet November” (as my mother calls it), I will be making healthier choices on a daily basis. (Though, I will already confess to cheating on my birthday and Thanksgiving :P) There is a whole world of healthy food options waiting for me to come explore them. And I want to get active too, whether that means hitting the gym, taking a walk, or just throwing on some music and dancing it out! I just need to get in the habit of moving my body, and I know the rest will come. Baby steps.

But it doesn’t just stop there. I need to also keep myself happy with things that I enjoy doing. I love to read, do crafts (even if they turn out bad), journal, meditate, etc. Things that don’t include being a tv/netflix zombie (though I do love my tv shows.) These are things that I do for me, and I need to get back into the habit of doing them regularly.

So, for at least the next month, I will be documenting my transition into 25. It probably won’t be easy, but I will definitely try to keep it as fun and exciting as I can. Let’s do this!