Day One: New Horizons

Ok, so I think that the biggest disclaimer that I need to set for myself in this journey is that this is not a diet. I’m not stripping myself of all the “bad things” that are out there. I am simply just trying to make a more conscious effort in choosing options that are better for me more often. And I don’t want this to turn into just a log of all that I ate and then scolding myself for the poor choices. Where’s the fun in that?

With that being said, I think that today, being my first day, went very well. I have realized that I need to get some supplies to really make this possible. I have searched Pinterest for a variety of ideas for meals and snacks that I will actually eat (I am extremely picky!) and have made a grocery list of items that I will pick up tomorrow for the next week.

However, with my limited supplies, I still think that today was a great start! I still managed to make smart and healthy choices with what I had, and I feel very good about these choices.

I also realized that in order to have a fresh start, I need to have a positive environment. Which, for me, means a clean room. I am TERRIBLE at keeping my room clean, but it’s just because I get lazy. But since it is something that makes me happy, I am going to work at keeping it clean.

Moving forward, I think some of the ideas that I want to explore include:

  • hot cereal mixes for breakfast
  • incorporating avocado into my lunches
  • trying to expand my palette (tuna, anyone?)
  • talking more walks
  • zumba!
  • no bake protein desserts (I really need some sweets!)

Until tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to post…


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